It has truly been a pleasure knowing Pat Pettey, and her family for over twenty years she has always taken an interest in our family and in initiatives that have impacted our community. Like many folks I never thought I would need to call on Pat, unfortunately there have been unforeseen circumstances over the years. Our neighborhood more recently experienced severe blight due to an unsightly home. Pat was the official who didn't just make promises to look into it, instead she listened to our concerns, provided insight and follow through on our neighborhood's behalf. Her dedication, assistance and empathy were empowering, thus producing a positive outcome for the removal of an unsightly home. Pat has always been approachable and I feel she is an official anyone could call on. In my opinion, Pat exempli fies what serving in public office should be.

Pamela Gray


I am not in Pat's district, but she brought to my attention special programs that helped my 91 year old father. Because of Pat, my father now has a new roof, a new furnace and his house is painted. He has lived in Argentine all of his life (as his parents before him and his children now) and this is the first time anyone has helped. We really appreciate the time and effort that Pat has taken to steer us towards this help for him.

Linda Hollenbeck for Ed Hale (pictured)


Without Pat’s help, I don’t think the project on our home would be done yet!

Shirley Dockery